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Health education and promotion information exchange is an important function of NCHE. Through various projects and conference presentations, NCHE has provided other organizations and the public with up-to-date information on a myriad of topics. For example, NCHE frequently contributes articles on timely health education and promotion topics to the Health & Fitness section of the Teacher Source web site sponsored by the Public Broadcasting System (PBS). NCHE also gives presentations on programs and new initiatives at several health and education conferences annually. Through updated promotional brochures, publicity releases, newsletters, and a newly revised web site, NCHE continues to expand its information exchange capabilities.

National Health Education Week

NCHE is the officially-designated coordinating sponsor of National Health Education Week, an annual event that is celebrated throughout the nation during the third week of October. Since 1995, NCHE has identified an annual theme for National Health Education Week in order to focus national attention and raise awareness of pressing health issues of interest to the public. In collaboration with a co-sponsor, the Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE) and its 21 nationwide chapters, together NCHE and SOPHE provide organizational support to schools and community groups, professionals, and the media throughout the nation to undertake activities for National Health Education Week at the state and local level.

NCHE has announced that the theme for National Health Education Week (NHEW) 2005 will be Healthy Choices: Family Life Education. NHEW 2005 will be celebrated October 17-23, 2005.